Student Ministries

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ctKids is for students in Kindergarten to 5th Grade. They meet each Sunday morning at 10:30 am. They learn about God in a fun and interactive environment that is designed with them in mind. There are also different activities that our kids are involved in throughout the year like Easter Egg Hunt and Summer Camp.

Our kids also learn about missions through giving to BGMC (Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge). They set a goal each year and work hard at reaching that goal.

All of our workers go through a background check before being allowed to work in our kids ministry.

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ctYouth is for students in grades 6 to 12. They meet each Sunday night at 6 pm in our Student Center. They spend time getting to know one another and getting to know God through Bible Study. They spend time each Sunday night with some sort of board game or other activities that bring them closer together. Each year they plan activities outside of the regular Sunday night event like outings, retreats and summer camp.

Our students learn about missions through giving to Speed the Light. They set a goal each year and work at raising money to reach that goal.

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If you would like to work in one of these ministries, please fill out a worker's application HERE.